Praying for a local business in East London

Today was a first experience for GA Supernatural Kids.  Holy Spirit lead us to pray for the business of a man in our church, God Adventure.  The name of his business is Timber warehouse.  The kids divided into two small groups and they each took a separate part of factory to pray over.  First we used specific scriptures to declare prosperity, safety, God’s blessing and goodness over the business.  Then the kids proceeded to lay hands on the equipment of the factory and to pray safety over workers and prosperity over machines in the factory.  It was also powerful when the kids spontaneously started to throw fire balls at the machines…aiming them at the workers who manage the equipment.  Tomorrow these workers are gonna have a complete new experience of God while they cut wood!  As long as they don’t get drunk while operating the machines…:))

We ended off our Holy Spirit assignment by prophesying over the owner.  The kids gave very clear words from God and it was evident (from the owner’s reaction) that these words were very accurate.  I was truly amazed at how grades 4 to 7 children can interpret the pictures they get from God…regardless of having to speak in their second or third language.

I am now super excited to hear testimonies from Timber warehouse.  The business is truly set up for tremendous prosperity.Image

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